Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Men

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No blood flow going through it all well who's doing the whose paid how do you pinpoint you use and be met that it's just a little plastic Poll the little plastic piece that goes over the person's temple area here your little gel put on there a little portable machine but the site up the laptop computer right and its fans ultrasound waves towards the blood vessel both ultrasound waves boun King size Male Enhancement ce back from the blood vessel and give you a picture out the blood flow in that blood vessel and that will also dissolve well that's the amazing new concept that come to light just in the past couple years that it looks like we can now use ultrasound not just to diagnose a blockage but that the ultrasound waves themselves have an effect to help break down the blood clot so estate said these ultrasound machines can help TPA breakdown blood clots in blood vessels and .




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Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Men
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